Transport Services of Nevada Is Online!

1 years ago

We love helping out clients that are solely looking to have an online presence. When TSN came to us, they wanted to create a clean site, that provided contact information for clients who needed to rent/buy equipment and were looking to reach out.  

TSN wanted to make sure the products they offered were available to view. We used out Store Feature, which allows items to be showcased- without having to buy online. 

It this case, a website visitor could visit their products page and they could see options, then click on a specific item for additional specs. it was more of a ‘Contact us for more information’ if they liked a part on the site. 

This also allowed TSN to put in a product brochure for clients to gather more information ahead of time. Our client is now editing their site, and checking out their traffic by utilizing Google Analytics. So many of our clients want to know where the hot spots are on their site, and this free option gives them that ability.   We love when a client is happy, and a few days turn around made this site a win in everyone’s book!

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