We Are Not Wonder Woman, but We Can Save the Day For Clients

3 years ago

Monticello City contacted us a few weeks back, in a serious pickle. Their previous site went down suddenly, and couldn’t be brought back up. They asked that we get something back up immediately. We used Way Back Machine to gather content from their own site. 


We built out the framework of their site from snapshots from Way Back Machine, including a few hefty pages like this staff page. We then walked their staff through the SquareHook tool so they could flesh out their site, at their leisure.


They did ask for some custom forms, which we were happy to oblige. We built out an Owner Permit form and Employee Form with upload features. They built out several forms of their own, with our killer Form Builder. They can access their form submissions on the tool at any time.


Monticello’s mobile site is killer too!  We are pleased to know that their site is accessible on any tablet, mobile phone, or desktop. 


We are so glad they have a site up and running, for their users to access information they need. But we’re even more stoked that they are editing the site and feeling confident in making changes on the fly.

If you are looking for a site revamp, your site has gone down and disappeared, or want to start from scratch, we are here to help!  Contact us if you need assistance or guidance. :)

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