A Truly Delectable Site

3 years ago

We had a great time working with Vice President Joe, to make this site. He wanted to create the base of the site on his own, and we came in to add some additional features to give that WOW factor. 


I mean, come on! How gorgeous is this site? It’s not hard to be attracted to this site, with all the beautiful visuals to wet your appetite to learn more!  The home page was really basic. We added some parallax elements to make the scrolling fun and interesting, with buttons that led to key areas of the website. 


Thrive utilized our Portfolio feature to showcase some of the products they freeze dry. It is also somewhat interactive, where a site visitor can select an image to make it larger. Again, the images make this page so visually appealing. 


The contact us page was kept simple, with basic contact information, and a form to collect information on inquiring clients. They can adjust their form at any time, if they want to gather additional/less information. 


The mobile version of this site is completely charming too!  You can never go wrong with gorgeous images. It makes all the difference in the world.

We are so pleased with how quickly this beautiful site came together. If you want to start building your website out, like Joe did, and need some customization after, we’re you’re guy!  Contact us today to inquire about what we can do to help your site look incredible.

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