Radiant Plans Has a Smoking New Site, Ready for Winter!

4 years ago

Radiant Plans came to us with a dilemma. Their previous site was so many things: over-saturated with color, unable to be edited, out of date, and NOT mobile friendly. They needed help, bad!  Not only that, but they were very serious about being able to edit their own site. Their previous site builder was a nightmare to get a hold of. We are all about making a site that our client can edit and maintain. That’s why we built the SquareHook tool in the first place!


They wanted an interesting way to showcase their client testimonials. We added a scrolling carousel of testimonials on the home page that their staff can continue to add to, as their clients praises keep coming in. :)  It looks great next to one of their videos too!


Their previous About Us page was terrible. We cleaned it up with easier to read bios of their staff. They can continue to edit this page as their staff continues to grow!


Their Project Gallery was our favorite element of this site!  We first customized their gallery with filters, so clients can view projects, based on service type.


Then, once you click on an image, you could view further details of that specific project.  It is so great!  It gives A LOT more information for those site visitors that want to know more, but it won’t bombard the average user, who wants to check out the images only. :)


Radiant Plans offers so many services, with many steps. They wanted to present the information for site visitors to easily consume. Everything was laid out in a very visually pleasing manner on their Technical page.

Their previous site didn’t have a form on their Contact page. What a no no! It’s always nice to give site visitors the option to email directly, or fill out a form that gathers more specific information. That way, forms go to a specific administrator to respond in a timely manner.

Their site needed to be mobile for many reasons. One of them being that they meet with clients on site all the time, this way, they can pull up their client work or other elements of their product offering right there on a smartphone or tablet.

This site was a HUGE improvement from their previous site, and their team is editing away!  We are so pleased to see clients take to site editing like a fish to water. They have even gone in and customized their SEO so their site is fully optimized! If you are looking to upgrade your site for 2017, or want to start building your first site, contact us!  We love transforming sites for our clients!

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